Today was a good day!

I am new at blogging but it is someting I have wanted to do for over a year. I want to learn more about bullying the the workplace; adult bullies. I work in an environment were being a “yes person” is more important than getting the job done. But today , it was a good day.  I was able to get a direct answer for someone concerns so that they can make an informed decision.

Do you know anyone who has to be right always? What about someone who is a subject matter expert on all subjects? How do you interact with such a person? In this kind of situation, I often feel like there is no desire for “shared knowledge” . Is it wrong to think that  the best solutions come from the knowledge of all involved, inclusion not exclusion; kinda like a brainstorming session but  an open discussion.

Does it make one argumentative to ask questions or seek to find a better way or just to have a different point of view? Some work environment discourage independent thinking and  managers become upset at any hint that maybe there is a different /  better way.  This type of environment can be very stressful. If one finds oneself being bullied at work it is often very stressful.   But today was not that stressful day.

It was a day where the answer was provided based  expressed concerns. How easy it is a agree when it is not a ” I’m right vs You’re or wrong” ( the classic win-lose). It was a shared point of reference to get the correct information based on an individual’s request. The answer was very easy to confirm and no one had to play ” a cat and mouse game” on what  concerns need to be answer.

Today was a very good day. Are there any similiar experiences with working in a bullying workplace?

Until tomorrow,

abullyfreeworkplace is my goal.